IG Talk Podcast Natausha Cruz Wilson

New IG Talk Podcast Episode: Natausha Cruz Wilson

Listen to the latest episode of IG Talk with Robert Smallwood, featuring Robert’s interview with an exceptional, vibrant, and brilliant leader in IG, Natausha Cruz Wilson. She’s the Director of Information Governance at Qualcomm and a Keynote Speaker at InfoGov World Expo 2022.


IG Talk with Robert Smallwood is a podcast featuring interviews with Information Governance leaders around the world, discussions about IG news, events, and best practices.


This episode is brought to you by InfoGov World Expo, an Information Governance immersive virtual event hosted by IG World Media on September 29 and 30 with two days of IG training preceding the conference. With more than 100 experts speaking on topics of Privacy, Security, eDiscovery, and Governance, InfoGov World Expo really is the greatest IG show on earth. Registration is now open and Early Bird rates still apply.


To learn more and purchase tickets, visit InfoGovWorldExpo.com and follow #IGW22.

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