Improving Password Security in 2021

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When you perform an audit of your online self, you might be shocked to discover you have at least 25 accounts. Going through those accounts, you could be surprised to realize how much you repeat passwords.

The problem with this action is that you’re exposing yourself to different risks. Cybercriminals are adept at uncovering one of your passwords and using them to break into other accounts. Your account activity may seem normal until your login credentials get bought on the dark web. Fortunately, you can prevent this through a few measures.

Guide to Enhance Password Security

The most critical measure of password security is to get a strong and unique password for each account. If your password is not up to twelve characters in length, make it longer. If a close friend can guess your password, change it.

A password that’s on the list of the most used passwords also needs to be changed. An ideal password should be a mix of symbols, numbers, and letters. After you’ve improved your password, you can consider tools that boost password security.

Tools that Help Protect Passwords

  1. Password Managers

Password managers are tools that keep every bit of your login information private and secure. They also autofill your credentials when you attempt to log in. Browsers have custom password managers that perform this function but are less effective in safeguarding your password.

With a password manager, you can establish unique and complex passwords. Every password in its system is protected with high-level encryption.

  1. VPNs

VPNs protect your passwords on the network level. Practically, you could be connected to unsecured Wi-Fi networks and get your password exposed.

Connecting to a website with a VPN, however, secures your activity with encryption. Your data would remain private, and no hacker would be able to sniff your information.

Final Thoughts

Every year, hackers step up their games to steal passwords. The consequences of a successful hack on your online account could prove disastrous. To protect your passwords online, you need to make your passwords more potent. Use a VPN and password manager.


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