Tesla Tweetstorm

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Elon Musk and Tesla were in the news once more. Recent tweets about taking the company private with secured funds sparked some head-scratching and questions about what implications a tweet might have if deemed as a false statement in the pursuit of increasing the worth of Tesla.

Public tweets by principals of publicly-traded companies about finances pose interesting questions regarding compliance. Does sharing information about bankruptcy or the funds necessary to take a company private constitute some kind of breach in the eyes of the SEC? That remains to be seen, as they have been mum on the topic thus far. However, were Musk or Tesla unwilling, or unable, to provide regulatory filings that outline a deal that would allow them to go private, it poses a quandary for how compliance regulation is carried out in this ever-evolving business landscape.

Either way, we bet a lot of folks are wishing they had some Tesla stock right about now.

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