Data Safety Insights: Session Replay Technology

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[glossary_exclude]The secretive world of data capture has invaded the iPhone. A recent study by Tech Crunch found that many popular apps are capturing user screen activity without consent. Many companies that use these apps monitor user activity, record it, and then send the informa­tion back to the company for analysis.

These apps utilize session replay technology. Many privacy experts, such as Linn F. Freedman from Robinson & Cole LLP, only recently heard about session replay technology after Apple stated developers needed to disclose the use of this technology or remove it from their apps before the app could be distributed. This is not unlike Google, Facebook, and Amazon, who collect and retain user data about internet surfing habits.

The best defense against these secretive practices is sunlight! Shine enough light on the subject, and everyone sees it. IG World will continue to bring these types of cybersecurity and privacy issues to your attention.[/glossary_exclude]


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