Battle of the Devices Facebook Portal takes on Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa

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[glossary_exclude]The world has changed, but privacy concerns linger, especially now that we have more and more devices to monitor how we interact. Portal, Facebook’s foray into the home messaging portal space, offers a new, shiny option. Let’s take a look at the top three products and see which one emerges as the winner of the battle royale.

PORTAL (Facebook)

Summary: Portal is a recently launched Facebook smart display. There are two options, the 10.1-inch Portal and the 15.6-inch Portal Plus. They both offer video chat by way of Facebook Messenger. The auto-zoom feature allows the smart camera to follow people around the room.


  • Track people as they move around the room
  • Integration with Alexa
  • It has a wide field of vision
  • Quality sound


  • Limited functionality
  • Only uses Facebook Messenger
  • Captures data based on length and frequency of video calls

ALEXA (Amazon)

Summary: Alexa has become a bit of a household name. First developed as a virtual assistant by Amazon and used in the Echo and Echo Dot, it remains a strong device in the space.


  • New video and touchscreen controls
  • Simple to use
  • Great sound
  • Video conferencing is easy


  • Dated design
  • Low-resolution screen (when used with Echo Show)
  • Expensive relative to other alternatives

HOME (Google)

Summary: Google Home might be the most robust of the smart displays, with a voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant. You can ask Google, manage tasks, and control devices around your home that are smart-compatible.


  • Great at answering questions
  • Able to cast videos and audio onto your TV and other devices
  • Can differentiate between voices.
  • Supports Google Play and YouTube
  • Better than average sound quality


  • Some features are not available in all regions
  • Less available skills than other comparable devices
  • Lag in third-party support
  • Can’t read or send messages; can only list calendar items
  • Relatively costly
  • No intercom feature and doesn’t listen well over distances


Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. The calculus of cost, convenience, and the amount of privacy you are willing to give up drives the utility of a particular device. If you’re not Facebook averse, then the Portal might be for you. If you want something simple, then Alexa is your best bet. If functionality is coveted above all, then Google Home might be perfect for you home.

But all three are capable of monitoring your everyday activities, and of being hacked. Do you really want your private conversations at home monitored—and video of you in your underwear (or less!) able to be captured by a third party without your knowledge?

The choice is up to you.[/glossary_exclude]

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