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[glossary_exclude]Alation, a leader in the enterprise Data Catalog market has augmented its platform with increased support for the Chief Data Officer (CDO). CDOs looking to manage their data as an asset will benefit from the implementation of Infonomics principles in the form of data asset valuation models which are built into the platform. Support for both the Intrinsic Value of Information (IVI) and the Business Value of Information (BVI) models enables consistent comparisons across information classes. Infonomics metrics are now embedded in the Data Catalog.

Alation’s leadership in the machine learning Data Catalog market will be accelerated by the recent infusion of a $50 million Series C funding round. The planned investment in engineering resources will build on the current Infonomics foundation and continue the evolution of a transformational product.

There is a new breed of CDOs focused on maximizing the value of data. The city of San Diego (IG World’s headquarters) has been named the nation’s top performing data-driven city. The City’s commitment to open data has resulted in award winning projects such as its StreetsSD street maintenance initiative. In addition to the public, San Diego’s CDO Maksim Percherskiy uses big data analytics to share information with 11,000 employees in 35 separate departments. The evolving use of IG tools is beginning to maximize the value of data across diverse sets of systems, databases, and IoT devices, like smart parking meters. This trend will continue as companies like Alation invest research funds in the implementation of Infonomics methods.[/glossary_exclude]

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