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InfoGov World 2019 White Papers

  • Spring

    GDPR Challenges & Solutions

  • Summer

    IG Case Studies

  • Fall

    Healthcare IG

  • Winter

    Privacy + Security IG Solutions

Our Process:

The white papers will be planned as a multi-page pull-out seection in InfoGov World Magazine. InfoGov World staff will write an opening section and sponsors will contribute the remainder.

As an example, for the GDPR White Paper, we will write an opening piece summarizing GDPR issues and challenges, looking back after the May 25 deadline.

Sponsors will craft a 1-4 page (275-1100 words) advertorial that is informative and consultative in nature and within our guidelines, (cannot name competitors or specific products), for a planned 16-page pull-out section in InfoGov World Magazine. The content is intended to be educational and informative for readers, and of magazine quality. Our editors will work with your marketing staff to craft, proofread, and perfect the final article.

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