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Ron Hedges

Interview eDiscovery Expert Ron Hedges

The Honorable Ronald Hedges is a former U.S. federal judge, and member of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice group at Denton’s, the world’s largest law firm. He has ...
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For the Record interview with Richard Kessler

Richard Kessler is a Director in the Cyber Services practice at KPMG, and specializes in IG, data governance, and operational risk control. He is part of the Strategy and ...
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Ashish Gadnis

Interview with Ashish Gadnis

Helping third world Citizens establish Identities with Blockchain Growing up in poverty in Bombay, Ashish never forgot how it felt to stand in food lines to survive. He went on ...
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Law and Order: an Interview with John Isaza

John Isaza, Esq., FAI heads the Information Governance & Records Management practice at Rimon Law Firm in Orange County, California, and is CEO and Co-founder of Information Governance Solutions LLC. ...
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Heide Maher

CGOCs Heidi Maher – The Visionary an interview

Heidi Maher had a unique childhood, growing up in Iran, where her mother worked as a nurse volunteer for the U.N. When the political environment changed for the worse after ...
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IG Leadership: Robert Smallwood

Robert F. Smallwood, MBA, CIP, IGP is a thought leader in Information Governance, having published seven books on IG topics, including the world’s first IG textbook, which is being used ...
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