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Heide Maher

CGOCs Heidi Maher – The Visionary an interview

Heidi Maher had a unique childhood, growing up in Iran, where her mother worked as a nurse volunteer for the U.N. When the political environment ...

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Tesla Tweetstorm

Elon Musk and Tesla were in the news once more. Recent tweets about taking the company private with secured funds sparked some head-scratching and questions about what implications a tweet ...


High Standards Interview with Sonia Luna

Sonia Luna is the founder, CEO and President at Aviva Spectrum. Winner of the 2018 California Cannabis Awards as "Best Accountant," Mrs. Luna has more than 18 years of ...
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Electronic Privacy and US Law

The European Union, with GDPR, now has privacy regulation that is consistent and pervasive and crosses state and national boundaries. The U.S., by contrast, has a piecemeal, loose patchwork ...
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Law and Order: an Interview with John Isaza

John Isaza, Esq., FAI heads the Information Governance & Records Management practice at Rimon Law Firm in Orange County, California, and is CEO and Co-founder of Information Governance Solutions LLC. ...
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An Interview with Arlette Walls

Arlette Walls is Chair of the Pharmaceutical Records and Information Management Organization (PRIMO) Today we are talking with Arlette Walls, an Information & Compliance Manager based in Emeryville, CA. She ...
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