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An Interview with Arlette Walls

Arlette Walls is Chair of the Pharmaceutical Records and Information Management Organization (PRIMO) Today we are talking with Arlette Walls, an Information & Compliance Manager ...

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Tesla Tweetstorm

Elon Musk and Tesla were in the news once more. Recent tweets about taking the company private with secured funds sparked some head-scratching and questions about what implications a tweet ...



PCI-DSS Compliance

PCI-DSS is a term used in circles where personal and customer data is stored as a part of the business process. The acronym PCI-DSS abbreviates quite a mouthful: Payment Card ...
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A Rising Star in California’s Cannabis Regulatory Compliance Efforts

For many cannabis-related business owners in Southern California, CPA Sonia Luna has been a guardian angel. She is arguably one of the country’s leading experts regarding the complex tax environment ...
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Implementing GDPR And The Need For Data Protection Officers

But are they Paid Enough? The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being subsumed into British domestic legislation, and is now the basis for a new Data Protection ...
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The Relationship Between Audit and Compliance

In the IG world, audit and compliance have a unique relationship: one that ensures a business or other organization does not break any laws, regulations, rules, or standards. An auditor ...
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