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An Interview with Paula Lederman

Paula is a leading RIM Expert, Partner at IMERGE Consulting Today we are talking with Paula Lederman, Partner at IMERGE Consulting. Paula has over 15 years of consulting and training experience in the field of content and information management in ...

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ARMA Merges with Information Coalition

During a call to ARMA Members today, Jocelyn Gunter, CEO of ARMA International, announced a merger with the Information Coalition and InfoGov Con.  Information Coalitions ...


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What is the Difference between Information Management and IG?

IM vs. IG Many professionals are often confused and struggle to define the differences between  Information Management (IM) and Information Governance. We’ll explain here, simply and clearly. IM includes the ...
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Tools for GDPR Compliance

The Records Continuum and Technology Assisted Review With GDPR now fully implemented, there is no shortage of software offerings claiming to help businesses manage the complex regulatory environment presented to ...
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Defining Vital Records

Vital records are mission-critical records necessary for an organization to continue to operate in the event of disruption or disaster (e.g., fire, flood, hacker attack); and records that cannot be ...
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Bringing Your RIM Program to the 21st Century

Competing corporate programs and priorities have often tended to push the agenda for many Records and Information Management (RIM) programs aside. Cybersecurity programs, IT projects, cost-cutting initiatives, digital innovation and regular RIM ...
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