Records & Information Management (RIM)

Interview with Monica Crocker

Monica Crocker is the Group Records Coordinator for Wells Fargo’s Wealth & Investment Management business. In her role, she mitigates the risk associated with electronic and physical records. She began her career as a Digital Imaging Consultant in 1993, defining electronic content and records management strategies for government organizations across ...
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Larry Burtness, Karl Trottnow

PRIA Publishes Best Practices for Land Records Management Systems

  RALEIGH, N.C. –The Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) has approved and published a paper on Land Records Management Systems (LRMS) Best Practices. This publication, four years in development, is intended to help recorders evaluate their current LRMS, prepare an RFP for a new system and for LRMS vendors ...
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Creating a sustainable RIM program – Fact or Fiction

  Does an Enterprise Records & Information Management Program Really Exist? There are many articles, webinars, educational seminars, and champions professing the need for, and benefits of, a compliant Records and Information Management (RIM) program. ARMA International even offers a measurement tool based on the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® ...
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Records Management’s Intersection with Data Privacy Management

  Busy Intersection With the tsunamic rise in electronic information doubling at regular intervals, complexity in information management has resulted in newly created or redefined roles tasked with creating order out of chaos. Information professionals attempt to control their domains in roles described as content management, knowledge management, eDiscovery, data ...
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