Information Privacy

Protecting Digital FootPrints while you Travel

  In October 2018, Cathay Pacific Airlines announced in a tweet that it discovered “unauthorized access to some of our passenger data.” (1) The breach exposed dates of birth, passport numbers, home addresses, historical passenger travel data, and other vital ...
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NY Privacy Act looks to surpass CALI’s CCPA

The New York Privacy Act (NYPA, or New York Senate Bill 224) introduced by state senator Kevin Thomas is much more restrictive to corporations than the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). This is a strong indicator that states are starting ...
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Privacy Concerns Hit Main Street America

In previous issues, IG World has reported that, according to a Harris Poll published last November in USA Today, Americans are more concerned with privacy than anything else. That is, 65% of those polled stated they were more concerned about ...
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GDPRs First Birthday

As Brexit talks engulf European and UK politics, another smoldering issue threatens far-worse damage to the EU/UK relationship, and indeed the global economy. Last May, the EU implemented sweeping new data privacy and protection laws meant to protect the Personal ...
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