Analytics & Infonomics

Dr. Prashanth Southekal, a Conversation about Analytics

Robert interviews Dr. Prashanth Southekal about analytics and his new book on Best Practices in Analytics.

Doug Laney, Father of Infonomics

Robert talks with Doug Laney about infonomics, data monetization, and recoginizing information as an asset.

Is Your Company’s Data Worth More Than Your Company?

CIOs unwittingly may be the caretakers of their company’s most valuable asset: its data. Unfortunately, most CIOs and their CFO counterparts continue to take their cue about valuing their company’s data from antiquated accounting regulations. Instead, they should have a ...

Smart Data Distancing: Can We Apply Pandemic Lessons Learned?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made the term “social distancing” central to our daily conversations. There have been guidelines issued, media campaigns run in prime time, new hashtags created, and memes shared to highlight how social distancing can save lives. ...

From Rocket Man to Bird Man: The Worlds of Christopher Surdak

Christopher Surdak is an industry-recognized expert in Mobility, Social Media and Analytics, Big Data, Information Security, Regulatory Compliance, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing with over 25 years of experience. Chris was literally a rocket scientist - he began his career ...

Data is Your Best Defense Against a Coronavirus Downturn

As organisations across the world begin and implement remote working preparations, data could be the best defense against a coronavirus downturn. In an uncertain global market like that which we are experiencing as a result of fallout from the coronavirus ...

Supercharging Your Data Management Strategy with Value

  The challenge: The need for a consistent, operationalized, defensible method for continuous assessment of data’s value, risk and compensating controls In today’s business environment, the most important strategic asset of any major enterprise is its data. Each enterprise has ...

Information: The Forgotten Asset

  Over fifty centuries ago, a man received 29,086 measures of barley over 37 months. He documented this transaction on a clay tablet, then he signed it, “Kushim.” Kushim is the first person in history whose name we know according ...
Brian Tuemmler

Kick Start your IG Program with Content Cleanup

  Corporate and government entities continue to maintain the vast majority of their information as unstructured content. All the new privacy regulations are shining a lot of light on PII as structured data, but the unstructured office content is still ...

Role of Infonomics Applications in enabling IG

  Master of your own Domain As demands on data and analytics to support successful decision-making increases, implementing an Information Governance strategy that goes beyond “we store everything” will be of critical importance. Investment into data & analytics work supports ...

Interview with Infonomics Author Doug Laney

Doug Laney is vice president and distinguished analyst with the Gartner Chief Data Officer (CDO) research and advisory team. Doug researches and advises clients on information monetization and valuation, open and syndicated data, analytics centers of excellence, data governance and ...

Alation Supports Infonomics

Alation, a leader in the enterprise Data Catalog market has augmented its platform with increased support for the Chief Data Officer (CDO). CDOs looking to manage their data as an asset will benefit from the implementation of Infonomics principles in ...

Clean-Up Content with Content Analytics Technologies

Shared drive remediation is a crucial activity for effective Information Governance (IG). Shared drive remediation helps to lower risks and costs by significantly reducing data volumes and providing accessibility and structure to unstructured information. Today’s discussion focuses on technologies available ...

For the Record interview with Richard Kessler

Richard Kessler is a Director in the Cyber Services practice at KPMG, and specializes in IG, data governance, and operational risk control. He is part of the Strategy and Governance pillar with a specific focus on enterprise data and IG, ...

Why Will Analytics Be The Next Competitive Edge?

Analytics is becoming a competitive edge for organizations. Once being a “nice-to-have,” applying analytics is now becoming mission-critical. An August 6, 2009, New York Times article titled, “For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics”[1] reminds me of the famous quote ...

Iron Mountain Partners with Google

By: Jaikumar Vijayan | July 25, 2018 Google and information storage giant Iron Mountain, which made its reputation maintaining underground storage facilities housing documents, film, artwork and lots of other valuables, revealed this week at Google Next ’18 that they will jointly develop ...

Infonomics – An excerpt from Doug Laney’s new INFONOMICS book

Infonomics is the theory, study, and discipline of asserting economic significance to information. It provides the framework for businesses to monetize, manage, and measure information as an actual asset. Infonomics endeavors to apply both economic and asset management principles and ...

Analytics 101–The Four Types of Analytics and Their Uses

As this is a magazine about Information Governance, it behooves us to offer an introduction to analytics. Don’t worry, there won’t be a test. Let’s start with a term that is bandied about in academic and professional circles with reckless ...

The Role of Analytics in IG Programs

For nearly four decades, data analytics has been used by leading organizations to gain new insights and track emerging market trends. Now, in the era of Big Data, increasingly sophisticated analytics capabilities are being used to help guide and monitor ...

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