IG in Healthcare


IG in Healthcare: A Matter of Life and Death

Thousands of American Lives Could be Saved Using IG Principles and Methods In November 1999, as the rest the United States dealt with the cultural and cult-prophetic aspects of Y2K, ...
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Electronic medical records

Information Governance for Healthcare

Given the complexity of the healthcare industry, IG is emerging as a useful tool for securing patients’ electronic health records (EHR) and controlling who and what accesses these records. Crucially, ...
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Healthcare Informatics and Cross-Functional Collaboration

Over the last decade, healthcare informatics has emerged as one of the fastest growing employment sectors. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not include a specific healthcare informatics career ...
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The Risks and Benefits of AI in Healthcare

One of the great triumphs of 20th century medicine was the use of technology as a tool to expand human life expectancy. In 1918, the average American lived into their ...
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IG Leadership: Robert Smallwood

Robert F. Smallwood, MBA, CIP, IGP is a thought leader in Information Governance, having published seven books on IG topics, including the world’s first IG textbook, which is being used ...
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