IG in Healthcare

Six Strategies to Consider When Implementing IG

  These approaches can help hospitals to effectively implement IG Assemble a multidisciplinary team. Make sure all disciplines — information technology, health information management, compliance, C-suite, legal, revenue cycle, risk ...
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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Surge of Investment Fuels Expectations

  One of the most remarkable tech advances to come out of the current digital revolution has been the practical use of artificial intelligence (AI). From robotics to machine learning, ...
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Harvesting Computing Brainpower to Improve Healthcare

5 Key Steps in Leveraging AI in Healthcare A fundamental aspect of today’s artificial intelligence (AI) applications is the strategic leverage it gives users. While all business sectors will benefit ...
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IG Leaders in Healthcare – Commonalities Arise

  Leading healthcare organizations that have implemented IG programs share some common characteristics: Value information as an asset – understand the value and risks of information and strive to ...
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Medical Bills are Killing Americans

Americans are suffering from crippling medical debt in a uniquely American epidemic that affects 20% of the population and has accumulated roughly $81 billion in debt. These numbers are expected ...
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Blockchain in Healthcare – Empowering Patients and Professionals

Book Preview - David Metcalf, PhD The pace of change in healthcare over the next 10 years will intensify and with this quickening pace, pressure will be applied to old ...
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The Healthcare IG Imperative

  Medical mistakes kill over 250,000 people each year in the U.S. It is the third leading cause of death overall, behind heart disease and cancer, according to a ...
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EHR Inter-Operability Challenges

  The Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs recently raised alarm bells regarding the nation’s push to modernize the use of electronic health records (EHRs). The VA ran its own healthcare ...
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