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Information Goverance: A Primer

Information Governance:  A Primer According to the Sedona Conference, Information Governance (IG) is about minimizing information risks and costs while maximizing information value. This is a compact way to convey the key aims of IG programs. The definition of IG can be distilled further. An even more succinct “elevator pitch” ...
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10 Key Records Management System Considerations

Perfect Ten While Information Governance (IG) is the overall framework for managing all types of corporate information, Records Management (RM) is the specific area of IG that allows you to manage and control documents according to a records policy and records retention schedule (RRS). An RRS allows you to assign ...
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IG Assessment Models: Use the Right Tool for the Job

Tool Time Organizations are ramping up IG programs in today’s risk and regulatory environment that increasingly emphasize the need to reduce information risks and costs, while maximizing information value. The first principle from The Sedona Conference’s® Commentary on Information Governance articulates this maxim: Organizations should consider implementing an IG program ...
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The Trailblazer Interview with George Socha – Creator of the IG Reference Model

  George Socha is a Managing Director in BDO’s Forensic Technology Services practice. Named an “E-Discovery Trailblazer” by The American Lawyer, he assists corporate, law firm, and government clients with all facets of electronic discovery, including information governance, as an expert witness and consultant. George has served clients in ...
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How to save Records Management from Self Destructing Messages

With the consent of its editors, the following is an abridged version of an article that appeared in the Winter 2019 issue of “Ethical Boardroom” magazine, a UK publication. Every month more than four billion people send 560 billion SMS text messages worldwide—a 7,700% monthly increase over the past ...
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